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Dear web user - as far as possible the legend used in this web is dark green text for anything updated since ides of march 2011- my father spent his lifetime chronicling entrepreneurial revolutionaries including 40 years on journalising best for human lot Q&A at The Economist. His senior translation partner in Europe since 1976 having been Romano Prodi subsequently to take office as EU leader. As a matter of defintion ides of march 2011 became one of the 3 most critical times in humanity's future history for the compound opportunities of entrepreneurship to win out over the compound risks. Yes We Can empower true constructs of free market as adam smith would joyfully judge his terminology winning out from false constructs of this idea- which many macroeconomics came to dismally abuse after world war 2 and as tv mass media became the least economic instrument ever to inflitrate all cultures and societies through its obsession of celebrating vanity and trivia.

By definition the other 2 most critical times of ER

  • paris where the word entrepreneur was born late 18th centiry to help french discuss whether guillotining rpoyalty (who was monopolising assets of human prodictivity) would emerge society of libert egalite fraternity- in 1843 scot james wilson (an alumn of both adma and french entrepreneurial school) founded The Economist to continue the sever test of world's biggest decision-making eladers with microscopic and inter-community levels of detial and common sense. Yje 1943 centenray biography of The Econmomist provides remarkable etstimony to how well microeconomics jouralism was hosted around ST James in London - 2nd editor Walter Bagehot questions with such efficiency that queen cictoria's court was transformed from top of slave -making empire to meta-hub of commonwealth. The week before london olympics 2012 wil be an opportunity for the royal famlieies of euope, youth and the bbc to celebarte those (be they econom,ist like Yunus or thoise with the ersponsibility to invest the world's greatest assets in youth) who have led the most extraordinary lives of commonwealth anmd inspired us all to participate in the greater good. This can be gtranslated into which trillkion dolar global markets have a bencmark know to youth wor=orldwide on what taht sectors greatest purspose is to keep free.
  • 1976 (spirals emerged out of london (still the epicentre of macro errors hung over from days as world's first centre of empire) and dhaka epicentre repersneting world's poorest) when Entrepreneurial evoluion becamse te most urgent dilaogue wherever readre of The Economist remained curious on behalf of youth and so able to realise processes of innovation that take all sides simultaneously through a conflict barrier that had previously constrained what was economicaly possible. The net generation enmjoy all of te most excitinmg economiocs chalenges ever mapped as we model how to compound abovee zero-sum invetsment system of syste designs insetad of separtaed zero-sum systems- while various friends and alumn of norman macrae hosted this dialogue out of developed nations, dr yunus and sir fazle abed did most to form grassrpoots networks to practice the 10 times more economical models at community levels needed as benchmar solutions before the net generation rushed to bring down degrees of separation on knlowledge pertiainmg to vfreedom of global markets involving pressing needs purposes (seen social busienss resources including thosie at world and )
The unacknowledged giant The Economist June 2010
The unacknowledged giantPlayAdd to Playlist
British Ambassador to Tokyo: changed the trade & investment links between Britain and Japan
Financial Times: journalist who delighted in paradox with unrivaled ability to foresee the future
Daily Telegraph: The Economist's internal spirit;  
 India Times - Prophet of Change ; New Statesman "entire career at The Economist" ; Matt Ridley - death of a great optimist
London Times - subscription - journalist who changed minds and opened many more ; Pot-TEX : a giant of journalism
Sweden's JanErik Larsson - people you never forget

News of social busienss loans made by estate of Norman Macrae and association of family invrestirs in social business

2 special interest maps being called for by journal : Yunus Fund Issue- how to connect the largest youth investment fund in time to entrepreneurially reform economics - eta summer 2011; Olympics Commonwealth issue eta summer 2012 

clicpic to download full contents of inaugural issue 2011 of JOURNAL guest edited by adam smith scholars in glasgow and sampled personally to 3000 hi-trust leadership map selected from dr yunus lifetime diary since 1976

Since the ides of march the number 1 research goal of this web is to ask what peer to peer network maps -eg Royal Families across world) can help assemble the largest youth investment fund around dr yun s so that his goal to help youth (net gen) empower 2010s as most exiting decade ever is linkable through the greatest action of colaboration entrepreneurship the world hass seen. Dad worked on a particular problem that Keynes passed on to him - IF ECONOMICS INCREASINLY RULES THE WORLD HOW DO EWE ENSURE THAT AN ECONOMICS THAT MIMICS NATURE'S OPEN & SELF+ORGANISING INTEGRATION IS THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH OF ECONOMISTS AND ALL PROFESSIONS THAT RULE OR MEDIATE COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY

In countrues whose constitution excludes royal families the natural question becpomes: which leadership role is empowered to take longest, deepest view of what peoples want. Two of dre yunus goal maps provide a way of helping youth to cross-examine this beyond royalty question of constitution as well as transparency of what questions peopels in pariclar nations are forbidden to discuss in a way that maximises smart knoweldge sharing. Thos who have studied tegh 20th C's greatest mathematicians will know they were concerned with similar questions. My family tree includes people who have spent at least 25 years workin with those who helped Einstein test this question and von neuman test this question. Both Einstein and von neumann concluded that human beings need to go more micro and colaborative every time they need to innovate more naturally than human system designs had previously powered or empowered. This is the secret of valueing the abundancy of our planet- quite capable of ensuring that all 7 billkipon people live lifes that maximises each individuals comepteenec to flow. It is also the secret embedded in how nature chooses which biggest species has become the next dinosuar because it is selfishly making a monoply out of old scarcity rules instead of open space "inovating" pof a higher oder system through which planateray abundacy enables all specied to thrive.

Partial intercity map of Yunus collboration cafe/city -laest update june 2010


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Friday, April 15, 2011

1 - regarding the yunus specification during ides of march of good news portal designed for bbc and royal sustainability circles to eavesdrop on: Question to Naila's team (and giving 2.1's world's 20th wealthiest families supporting freedom of yunus microeconomics geared to investing in youth) -please could you add a 6th category for all corepondents to classify their good news reports by : YUNUS FUND

reasoning as part of reverse engineering worldwide baddest news web (bd24) so networking youths best news and social acion foci for 2010s win-win-wins:

I left notes with mostofa on other 5 categories to free trillion dolar markets round first namely something like:

  • banking and economics and other (globalising system design) professions whose hippocratic aoaths need to compound whole truth not inconveneinet truth
  • green including natural capital's clean webs of food and water
  • health and open education including free universities and colleges such as that caped by Princes Anne last month designed and invested in to end nurseless villages- a pursuit which my doble great grand mother won a freddom medal for (hept in mirpurs museum of free market for health)
  • infotechnology (eg google africa's: safe for mobilising youth to revolt media:  Ushahidi) including job creation's best linking uses of all media old and new -dads 1984 story of netgen
  • other


2 naila's team: do you know whether is is possible to access a wiki for free - if so the whole discussion of how to collaboratively linkin Yunus Fund to be world's largest youth investment fund needs to be a wiki and one that is linked from home page of our good news portal


more details on how to help decode transparency's top secret collaboration maps at  - then release  these maps for YES WE CAN viralisation by job creating youth to 7 billion beings asynchrously

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lesley, Jonathan, Caitlin- can I check that your networks at the hub, Swarthmore and elsewhere are as connected as collaboratively as practical with the students of microcredit at . Part of their contribution to activating  sustainable microeconomics is the transcripting of microcreditsummits  you can see from the entry footnoted from their newsletter. The 3 leaders of mficonnect are alex (washington dc), chris (claremont, the university drucker built in CA near LA),  Haley who has studied at St Andrews in Scotland and whose next location is currently not known to me 
The mapmaking question arises as to who else supporting collaboratons around dr yunus should this email interconnect

Info gathered by friends and I having been advised by dr yunus over 3 years and 13 meetings including 4 in dhaka

· launch of book1club 1000,

· creation of dvd10000 on youtube views of yunus’s leading staff,

· yunus 69th birthday wishes moderated by London Leader Sofia,

· collaboration objective of book2club 1000 to twin dhaka with any sustainability capital as well as epicentres of 100 million job creation and microeconomics)    -the overall compass interconnects dr yunus final chapter “The Time Is Now” invitng both leaders of humanity and youth to stop lurking and help sustain the world. NOW I am particularly interested in seeing how social business students clubs can be started up in academic years 2010/2011

Because I live in DC, my family’s  first contribution to accelerating this worldwide happening is to sponsor 200 books which incoming Georgetown Business School students will use as their first project in 2010/11. Through the last year I have also been in touch with Robert H Smith school to see how it will kick off 2010/11 (it was main sponsor of yunus inaugural book talk on Building Social Business at (Ronald Reagan World Trade Centre which 2 weeks earlier staged the inaugural presidents summit in which eastern and western entrepreneurs form 60 countries mixed). I believe their social value creation professorship centre is mapped back from the same future action learning as social business professors but is in stronger position to challenge financial centres around USA by asking them to encourage microeconomists to transparently benchmark other solutions as well.

My family’s bias to Scotland and Scots worldwide networks means we will do all in our small but collaborative exponential rising ways that Yes We Can  help glasgow universities get early into social business clubbing. A timely opportunity to explore this both for Glasgow and anywhere celebrating banking and other vital services for people is a 2 day microeconomics summit July 3-5 being built round dr yunus 7th decade wishes (ie the last chapter of his nook in which 2010s is mapped as humanity’s most exiting decde – the one in which we reinvest in sustainability of all youth)

To action beginnings:

Glasgow networks – around zasheem, colin, cam and nazrul and michael investigating the economics of micro healthcare and through re-examining Adam Smith the microeconomics of everything

London job creation and people tech networks round sofia, mamading and tv

Sustainability and volans networks around  who represent john elkington’s amazing body of knowledge

Yunus forum and youth ambassador networks out of dhaka coordinated by mostofa and lamiya

Creativelabs network connected out of wiesbaden and berlin by hans and saskia

Results and microcreditsummit networks connected by Sam, Lisa and

Reformation of Madison avenue and Brand Leadership syllabuses across leading business schools connected by Erich and Markus out of Erich’s huge offices Vivaldi Partners in centre of manhattan

Reformation of innovation processes and londons creative industries mapped by John Caswell out of Group partners in James

Connections of yunus with 50 ties more productive knowledge age of drucker

Middle East connections with nobel media whose information multiples value in consumption for entrepreneurs who aim to make more jobs than they take

London practitioner networks in nursing and sustainable healthcare connected by friends of my family and yunus out of london by judy, chris and Imam Shafi

HEC , danonecommunities and Parisian friends networks re-examining everything that the French intended to share with the world when they joined adam smith alumni on coining the french brand “entrepreneur”

Exponentials Valuation networks at EU and shareholders of The Economist that I have been surveying sonce 2005

Sweden futures networks that connect through IT, Sweden’s Prime Minister, Herman Khan , Alvin Toffler. Foresight futures groups through my dad’s 1993 Den Nye Vikings (The new Vikings) commissioned by Sweden’s number 1 job creation union – for those who don’t speak swedish including me this was his 10th and last year of writing up the netgen future history he and I began debating in 1984 netfuture ; he then moved on to finishing the only biography of what von neumann’s work means if we all want to connect with what this father of computing wished

Chris – supporters clubs of muhhamad yunus, twin sustaionabilityt cap[otals of Dhaka and mapping sustainability of global village economics, aka microeconomics collaboration exponentials rising in time to celebrate being more networked than separated


Win A Scholarship To The Global Microcredit Summit 2011 In Valladolid, Spain

The Microcredit Summit Campaign is recruiting volunteers to assist with the documentation of the Africa – Middle East Regional Summit that took place in Nairobi, Kenya. Transcribing a session from the Kenya Summit qualifies you for a chance to win a partial scholarship (free registration and 5 nights at a hotel) to the Global Microcredit Summit in Valladolid, Spain (November 14-17, 2011). We have 28 digital recordings of the Kenya Summit workshops and plenary sessions to be transcribed; these transcriptions and the audio will be posted to our website ( 

For additional information visit the Valladolid Scholarship page on MFI Connect
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

credits featured in our film of globalgrameen

we wanted to list all 100 alumni of global grameen but were told this was not what our geman hosts wanted; if you were at wolfsburg and want a link to your webs posted please mail chris.macrae - meanhwhile the people featured in our video are:


zasheem who I first met when yunus was speaking at Glasgow Caledonian University - zasheem suggested GCal lent Bangladesh some of its teachers of nursing since then foundations supporting girl power are investing in free medical universities (those where you get trained for free if you go back and serve n villages) and all sorts of great collaborations around every village deserves a nurse  ; Gcal is now the only official Yunus University Centre in the UK and it helping try and change laws so that Scots can have safe microcredit banks as a choice from ones that requite trillion dollar bailouts 

markus pfeiffer and erich joachimsthaler are from ; we featured erich in the right hand video as he has offered dr yunus the boldest pledge so far committed by one man - 20 ceos with end poverty projects

we will be putting a list of all the companies who attended global grameen launch wherever we can find a public bookmark of theirs - sorry it takes longer than if we had been given open reporting rights to report the best news summit we have ever been privileged to attend 


end poverty projects 

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